Trying to build a legacy in education

Wow! It’s hard to know where to even start writing a blog to describe what I want to achieve with Show Me English.  After 11 years being involved as a CEO of an education company and the creator of such as huge project, it’s actually quite refreshing to think that I can continue to be creative and write about my experiences.

I have always been deeply conscious of, and often troubled with trying to understand both non native learners of English and a native audience, by that I mean I am writing for the following reasons:

  1. to optimise the function of SEO, undoubtedly.
  2. to enable higher level students, who learn English either as a foreign or second language – to have no more excuses for something to read.
  3. As a creative person, I feel obliged to educate, not just my immediate and future students but also anyone who may benefit from reading about the reality and struggles as an entrepreneur in the ed-tech space, or even for anyone who is going through some difficult times, they don’t need to be related to the ed-tech space, as such.
  4. writing my ideas into a blog is also a purging mental activity, which I will surely benefit from

Regarding point number 3 there, I would also like to take this opportunity to pass on what I read and learn to others, as I’m fully aware that there are so many people nowadays who really do suffer in their day-to –day existence, and by people, I don’t mean the impoverished souls I see every day on the streets of Bangkok, I’m referring to westerners who, like myself, have deeper and more troubling existential and psychological issues they want to address and are looking for answers.

My ultimate goal on my chosen educational path in life, is primarily to help those poor individuals who need education, for free, simply eliciting the question of: How do I cover my cost?

Understanding my purpose as an educator

It has taken me substantial and repeated failure on so many levels to understand that one’s mental and physical health is the foundation of what keeps us going, in often a lonely world. To be able to bring my project together, as an ed-tech entrepreneur has meant spending the best part of a decade, alone, to create educational video and written content and build a platform, which can be scaled. This has come at a significant price, yet I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

I heard someone say recently, that we want to take good care of our teeth more than we want to take care of our minds, but why is that? If we are not looking after ourselves mentally, is it such a surprise that we suffer physically as a result?

The last years have driven me to the awakened realisation that, as an educator, I simply need to research more and more about my own mind, spirituality, and what drives the human condition.

I would describe myself as an existentialist who is always trying to understand why I’m here, and a futurist, as I’m profoundly fascinated by the concept of technology and where its intriguing curve is going to leave our generation and others.

What I learn and what I think will help others I’m more than happy to pass on. This is my purpose and I feel, to some extent, my responsibility. I believe that’s all one can do in life to achieve purpose and happiness, is simply to give back and serve, to be useful to others who don’t have what I have been born with.

Being able to educate others brings mutual smiles!

Some great books to give you insight

If you are looking for answers and often find yourself trying to understand life’s puzzling challenges you might want to check out the following books.

  1. Taking The Red Pill: Science Philosophy and Religion in the Matrix. (Glenn Yeffeth)

This is one for all science fiction lovers who are looking for some choice essays into the key points raised in the film, including The Singularity, by Ray Kurzweil.

  1. The Power of Now: (Eckhart Tolle)

This guy is a total dude, who just tells you to chill out, as there is only NOW in our lives. Worrying about the past is pointless, as it simply feeds the ego, and the notion of the future is equally futile – and merely an extension of the present moment. This has changed my life a tonne.

  1. Start with Why (Simon Sinek)

A very popular guy right now, explains that it’s not WHAT you’re selling, or evenWHAT you do in your life, it’s all about WHY.

  1. Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari)

This gent is growing in popularity at the moment, due to his insights of humanity and why we, as sapiens, have succeeded, where other species have failed.

  1. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook (Gary Vaynerchuck)

I totally love this guy, some may not, and that’s totally OK with myself and Gary V. He’s essentially a marketing practitioner and highly successful entrepreneur, who releases a daily video show on YouTube, dropping huge value to all those involved in digital marketing, sales and social media. This guy is an absolute must watch for anyone trying to hustle and make it, in any industry. #garyvaynerchuck #vaynersports #

Have a look here to see more:

  1. The Rise of the Robots (Martin Ford)

This is a fascinating read, trying to tackle many pending questions regarding the threats or benefits of AI and automation and whose jobs will be impacted as a result.

I hope this list can help others who are interested in similar topics as myself and do drop me a line if there’s anything you feel like sharing. Critics and trolls will no doubt appear but I’ve failed enough and learned enough to expose my feelings here with the mantra of….

“Create nothing and never be criticised”.

Ciao for now. TD

Published by tomdill77

I'm an educator and ed-tech entrepreneur. I love learning languages. I'm also a media producer and have created Show Me English over the last 10 years. I speak German, Spanish, some Thai and I'm currently learning Mandarin. My goal is to continue learning and helping others, to change the world through education.

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