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Being Conscious of Obesity and Weight Gain

I reflect often in my life that I was simply born with a gene that has given me a desire for movement and activity. 

So many are born without this same gene. 

The common gene that I have been born with, however, is that of eating too much of the wrong sugary foods, at the wrong times of day and also not being smart enough when choosing to exercise. 

This is where the gluttony comes in. 

At least I have managed to maintain my weight over the years. 

Many struggle with even finding the need to exercise, on a regular basis, and even eating a balanced diet. It’s hardly surprising though, as the explosion of imagery in the social media age, surely has had a massive influence on the foods we see, especially when commercially driven. 

According to the World Health Organization :

The worldwide prevalence of obesity nearly doubled between 1980 and 2008. According to country estimates for 2008, over 50% of both men and women in the WHO European Region were overweight, and roughly 23% of women and 20% of men were obese.

I’m also fully aware that I also fall into the privileged category of a westerner who not only overeats, and will overlook the contents of the fridge, and then make sure I check back again to see what I had forgotten is in there, only ten minutes later. Lolz. Admit it! You do it too, right? I knew it. 

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Of course, I also take for granted the simplicity with which I can turn on the tap and access drinking water.  

The luck factor, in my case, is that I know I’m more or less maintaining the weight I have, as I simply feel weird if I don’t move my arse (or ass, as those funny Americans say, #lol). 

I’m convinced that if I didn’t feel compelled to have a moderately active life, I too would fall into an obese category. 

Giving up alcohol to live a better life

One adjustment I brought into my life more than 5+ years ago was giving up alcohol and then some 3 years ago – meat and traditional dairy milk products.

I will go into the subject of alcohol addiction in more details at a later date, most likely, as it has affected 22 years of my life. At the time of writing this I have been sober for just over 5 and a half years. 

If you see a common theme in my blogs about ‘feeling lucky / grateful’ it’s because it’s fortuitous that I’m still alive. That’s all I will divulge for now. 

At 36, I made the difficult choice of giving up, arguably, the most socially accepted drug in our world, namely alcohol. 

Weight Loss is a choice, but you have to make it! 

After giving up alcohol I was able to slowly start rebuilding my life again, albeit slowly, with an enormous loss of my identity. 

In the process, unknowingly, I also quickly lost a decent amount of weight that I hadn’t even realised I had been storing, especially on my thighs, where I just thought they had bulked through an active interest in cycling at that time in my life. 

I was wrong. I had been overweight and unfit mentally and physically.

I had made an enormous initial change, but little did I know that this was merely the early stages of the bigger picture.  

How healthy is a plant-based diet? 

At the time of writing this (February/ March 2019) I would describe my food choices as simply being plant-based. 

Photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash

When I visit the UK once a year, I may eat some locally caught fish from time to time and dairy chocolate once a year or so, but for the most part I eat vegan and vegetarian options instead of meat. I do eat eggs from time to time, as my levels of protein and my current diet of soy alternatives does concern me.  

With my pathetic amount of deep research (this is the sloth part of me, which as you have likely seen is more of a mental thing than physical), despite my interest in the subject of health and nutrition, I am often left with the puzzling questions, as I’m sure many of us are…

Am I eating the right things to enable me to do sport? 

Is this plant-based diet actually good for me? 

Why does my weight keep the same, yet I’m often active? 

Is eating an 8-banana smoothie with kale and ginger actually healthy?

Little did I know, I was about to receive some overdue answers, insight and, indeed, some Irish Inspiration. 

Thanks again for reading. More coming soon! TD

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I'm an educator and ed-tech entrepreneur. I love learning languages. I'm also a media producer and have created Show Me English over the last 10 years. I speak German, Spanish, some Thai and I'm currently learning Mandarin. My goal is to continue learning and helping others, to change the world through education.

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