My Marriage of Gluttony & Sloth must Divorce.

Being Conscious of Obesity and Weight Gain I reflect often in my life that I was simply born with a gene that has given me a desire for movement and activity.  So many are born without this same gene.  The common gene that I have been born with, however, is that of eating too much […]

Do you feel lucky?

This blogpost is brought to you in association with Steve O’Reilly I’ll start this post off by happily admitting that I’m aware that I’m a lucky guy.  I’m lucky in many ways.  If you were born in the western world, like me, and you have the following things, one could indeed argue that perhaps you […]

Leaving the comfort zone of Madrid and Europe

For those of us who are lucky to have enough finances and a desire to take a few risks, coming to a new country and city, to make a new start and to try to integrate into a new culture isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are always moments which will challenge us when […]